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How Those Clickbait Headlines Psychologically Suck You InHow Those Clickbait Headlines Psychologically Suck You In

All of the videos here teach you something about clickbait and we left out the titles on purpose to show that it's not about the title but the image. When you choose an image for a link it can relate to the subject or be an unrelated topic all together (which makes the publisher guilty of using the darkest form of clickbait) with the images main purpose and value being to get you to click to the page we want you to visit. So if all the images are about clickbait which one would you cick first? We also have several actual headlines below that have been usedd to get real world readers attention and have gotten many sometimes millions of readers to click on them. So do you get the idea how clickbait works now?

10 Foods That Unclogs Arteries
(Most People Ignore)

The headline above is a teaser title that encourages you to click through more than 24 pages for info to help unclog your arteries and each page has ads for different health related topics that companies have paid to be on. After clicking through all the pages you are redirected to a video about Dr. Eric Wood, ND is a District of Columbia-licensed (Washington D.C.) naturopathic doctor and a graduate of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine on the subject of "Rapid Metabolism." So it covers multiple things while advertising it's products. It's a white hat approuch to clickbait that will get sales for the ads and views for the Dr. while giving the user the value of information, that makes all involed happy.

The headline above is also a teaser but this time you have to sit and watch different AD videos and clips for about a minute before you can see the topic of the headline which appeals to both drone lovers as well as animal lovers of turtles giving the video ads playing before the drone video a piggyback type of clikcbait scenario to get the attention of the viewers. Not a bad way to sell insurance or whatever product is envolved in the clickbait issue. If you decide to watch the video again you must watch another commercial type of video first also. Clickbait when done in good taste is a well known tool for marketing. A viral headline can configure words that stun or raise curiosity to the reader and drive traffic in the same way.

We did not make this image clickable for a good reason. The woman has been editted on to the picture to make the python look huge and it is a form of curiosity tactic used by some clickbait criminals and if you click on it to see what it is you will run into a virus rotator that promotes porn and infects your device. We would not recomend trying to see this video.


The headline reads "Dr. Ron Paul’s Urgent Message for Every American" and represents a politician on a mission. During election cycles clickbait is used gratuity to sway those who odey. Headlines will give a compelling title to strike fear and confusion to the reader and strike at the very core of emotions with phrases like “After so many years in Washington, I thought I was immune to being shocked by what our government does,” his reason for saying such alarming things is to both frighten and influence those in his party. That is one reason the election season is often called the silly season in America. The vehicle to bring traffic to this article is usually an image showing Paul shouting into the camera with a frightening statement at the bottom of the image that will draw in people to read what the hell is going on they have not read about already. A classic form of clickbait and lure.

We created an infographic below to get traffic and new users to our page. The presence of an infographic will entice people to click through to your website. That means a greater number of relevant visitors from around the web as your infographic circulates.
ninjacoder58 homeThe “Infographic Image” we use to promote our music site (No title and no description)
It will take a curious surfer to our hip hop music page when clicked on.

The "curiosity" gap is a theory and practice popularized by Upworthy and similar sites that leverages the reader's curiosity to make them click through. From an irresistible headline or eye catching image, you can use clickbait as a way to stand out. In today's marketing the “curiosity gap.” is one of the most popular “Tricks To Get The Clicks.” However when a reader clicks on your headline or your interesting image, there has to be relevant content at the end of the rainbow that will satisfy the clickers' need to know appetite. Once on the page they have clicked through to see and digest is known, a reader will like your content and view it for a decent amount of time or, become dissatisfied and hit the back button and send your bounce rate sky high and destroy your "Google Ranking." Try to avoid this disaster by keeping your clickbait on topic as best you can and it will bring you a flood of traffic to your pages.

We will ad new clickbait cases as we identify them.



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