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The Ninjacoder58 netwrok is a not for profit network devoted to quality advertising for small internet companies and spotlighting "Hip Hop Artist" around the world and next door.
Our ad fees 100% fund our advertisers circulations and give back to those that want to be seen and heard for thier offers. Free advertising is also availabe by request to the author if our ad policy is followed, you can get your offer around the world.
The internet can educate as well as entertian and YouTube would amaze many if they only explore the educational qualities it has to offer, it's a free college education if you want to learn.
Visit us and check out our sponsors and enjoy the artistic music that we will provide and remember, we can do it together.
I have always been a music lover and now as a skilled web developer and music fan, i will merge my two passions in life. I will bring both to the internet world in the form of musical theater to celebrate the artists. I am proud to offer services that will allow artists old/new to showcase their talent without the usual boundaries of music production!

Note: Free ad placements will be made available to
Neocities followers of the NinjaCoders58 Network.

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