Here Comes
Hip Hop Minions!


Evolving from single-celled yellow
organisms at the dawn of time,
Minions live to serve, but
find themselves working for
a continual series of unsuccessful
masters, from T. Rex to Napoleon.
Without a master to grovel
for, the Minions fall into
a deep depression. But one minion,
Kevin, has a plan; accompanied
by his pals Stuart and Bob,
Kevin sets forth to find a
new evil boss for his brethren
to follow. Their search leads them to

"Scarlet Overkill"

The world's first-ever super-villainess!

The Imaginarium
Mix Series: Vol. 1- Trip Hop
Jazzy Gypsy Swing & Trap!

Best of Gramatik!

New Trap Mix 2018
⚡️ Hip Hop 2018 Rap ⚡️
The Best Car & Bass Mix

Best of Trip-Hop & Downtempo
Lo-Fi & Hip-Hop
Instrumental Vol. 1!

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I've been good and I've been bad
but I've never been ugly...

Here Comes The Hip Hop Minions!

Survey: Do You Know
Who Your Minion Are?